BRAND ブランド一覧


  • 理容室 NEXUS

    Barbershop NEXUS

    High-class Salons for Men located in Ginza,Tsukiji,Hiroo and Tamachi Tokyo and Shin Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.

  • 理容室 NEXUS&Co.

    Barbershop NEXUS&Co.

    A community-based salon that maintains the beauty of classic barbering while providing hairstyles that are currently in demand.


    Barbershop N.BARBER

    We also offer special course menus specializing in ``high quality'' and ``men's grooming'' that can only be experienced here, as well as menus designed to ``make women even more attractive.''

  • 美容室 HandsCrew

    Hair Salon《 Hands Crew 》

    Beauty Salon and Barbershop functions combined with a luxurious atmosphere.

  • 美容室 VoVS

    Hair Salon《 VoVS 》

    Hair salons with one hairdresser for one customer.

  • 美容室 Just Cut

    Hair Salon《 Just Cut 》

    Low-cost beauty salon with a significant number of service types. Hair cut service can be provided at 1000 yen.

  • 美容室 Mamas

    Hair Salon《 Mamas 》

    Fashionable hairstyles for busy housewives. Experienced female stylists provide kind and careful technical services at reasonable prices.

  • 美容室 myu myu

    Hair Salon《 myu myu 》

    “Beauty salons for the housewife with services provided by the housewife.” Salons are for customers aged from their 30’s to 70’s.

  • ヘアカラー専門店 プロケアカラー

    Hair Salon《 procare color 》

    A salon that specializes in hair color.

  • 美容室 魔法の手

    Hair Salon《 mahou no te 》

    You can feel free to drop by without spending too much time between shopping or on your way home from work.