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CEP Holdings, Inc. is operating a hair salon service as its main line of business. It operates from its Tokyo location in Ginza to the northeastern part of Japan. It operates a total of 80 plus subsidiaries.

Our hair salon services have consistently performed at a profit by providing a great variety of services, based on different concepts, in order to satisfy our customers’ diverse requirements. We strongly promote the education of our service professionals for beauty salons and barbershops based on the idea that “employees are the treasure of the company.” Our goal is to provide first-class technical skills, service and quality.

For the purpose of achieving these objectives, we have changed the traditional practices of the hair salon industry, and improved working conditions. Also, we have diversified and optimized ways of working, and increased hiring of women. We continue to strive to enable our female workers to overcome some of the “traditional” shackles that have hampered their independence in the past. For example, we welcome and employ women with small children who cannot work out of the home, women with old people to take care of, and women in fatherless families. Since the year 2000, we have been making a special effort to create a good working environment for women, where they can work more easily for the rest of their lives. In the case of stores where mothers work, we decided to close on Sundays and evenings.

Over time, we have listened to the opinions of beauty salon workers, and in so doing have pursued easier and better ways of working. This has been helpful with employee loyalty and customer satisfaction.

We strive to be a leader in the hair salon industry in Japan in the future, and will make all efforts to launch a business that will be well-received by both customers and employees. We want to be an enterprise that will be strongly and continuously required by society. We look forward to improving the value of our company so that we may live up to the expectations of our customers.

Kazunori Inotsume


CEP Holdings, Inc.