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    Hair Salon

    《 NEXUS 》

    High-class Salons for Men located in Ginza and Tsukiji, Tokyo and Shin Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.

  • Hands Crew
    Hair Salon

    《 Hands Crew 》

    Beauty Salon and Barbershop functions combined with a luxurious atmosphere.

    Hair Salon

    《 Re:cia 》

    Beauty salon located in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Abundant menu and sophisticated technical skills.

  • VoVS
    Hair Salon

    《 VoVS 》

    Hair salons with one hairdresser for one customer.

  • Feel
    Hair Salon

    《 Feel 》

    Hair salons located in the outskirts of the big city. Provides complete technical and counseling services at a reasonable price.

  • Just Cut
    Hair Salon

    《 Just Cut 》

    Low-cost beauty salon with a significant number of service types. Hair cut service can be provided at 1000 yen.

  • myu myu
    Hair Salon

    《 myu myu 》

    “Beauty salons for the housewife with services provided by the housewife.” Salons are for customers aged from their 30’s to 70’s.

  • logomamas
    Hair Salon

    《 Mamas 》

    Fashionable hairstyles for busy housewives. Experienced female stylists provide kind and careful technical services at reasonable prices.

  • Le sopra
    Nail Salon

    《 Le sopra 》

    Located in Omotesando, a famous fashion town in Tokyo. Professional and experienced nailists are available.

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